martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

Ocupa la Tierra y compártela: Feliz 2012

Ocupa la Tierra y compártela: Feliz 2012 VER VIDEO

You can’t evict an idea whose time has come
The disenchanted parts are now a sum
Its time to redefine the world that you and I Occupy
Once dispersed and broken up in splintered camps
Now gathered in the dark lighting our lamps
No longer undermined
Together we defy and Occupy
A global nervous system is all aglow
Transcending spatial borders as we go
We’re no longer confined
It’s written in the sky
In unprecedented numbers across the land
The 99% are joining hands
A brand new bell has chimed
Right now is the time to Occupy
We’ll show we’re alive
With head and heart aligned

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